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Stop Human Trafficking

The trafficking of hapless women and children for commerce dates a long time back in human history. It is possibly the oldest trade of the world which continues to thrive even at this day and age. Prostitution or sexual labor as we term it in more sensitive vocabulary is direct or indirect sexual labor enforced on women and children, dragged into it mostly by the brutality of poverty.

The strategic location of the hills of Darjeeling is such that they are surrounded by the four countries of Nepal, Bhutan, China and Bangladesh; the porous borders have been making this area susceptible to this trade since a long time. The political disturbances for the past two decades have led to the closing down of the tea gardens, fueling unemployment, poverty and frustration for our people. This ill-fated phenomenon has forced the people of our tea gardens, men and women alike to migrate to bigger cities in search of better opportunities and survival.

Accepting the truth is always unpleasant but it cannot be denied that POVERTY coupled with lack of social awareness has been the root cause of this pitiless trade. Who are to be blamed? Instead of pointing fingers at the government, the policy makers and the police, I am sure we all have responsibility to try and look beyond what meets the eye. Apart from the few individuals and institutions that try to make some changes, have we ever taken any basic steps to help curb this situation? We all know the answer to this.

 Traffickers gambling with the emotions and lives of unfortunate human beings and taking advantage of their situation have been successful in their operations. According to figures released by the Bengal CID the number of “missing” people in the state has gone up to 6,514 from 196 between 2001 and 2010.  3 missing cases were reported from the six north Bengal districts in 2001, the number was 1,089 in 2010.
A well know motivational speaker Mr. Shiv Khera once said “If INJUSTICE is happening to your neighbor and you can SLEEP, WAIT for your turn. You are NEXT." How long do we wait?

Yes, join hands with MARG an NGO which has been silently working for this cause for some time. MARG has been a partner of  a portal to fight against Human Trafficking. MARG appeal to every citizen to be vigilant and contribute towards fighting  this social evil by visiting us at








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